Cleaning a child’s room can be very daunting especially if your child has not yet learned the act of responsibility. They throw their clothes everywhere, their toys mounted and strewn all over. Get your child’s rooms tidy in these few steps.

What you need
Storage Box
Broom or Vacuum cleaner

  1. Sort all their clothes in different piles or baskets. Clean and unfolded, dirty. Take the clean cloths, neatly fold them, and arrange in their drawers (folding clothes add a nice look to their drawers). Put all the dirty clothes into another pile or basket.
  2. Take their bedsheets and dust out the bed in case of sand or little trash that may have found their ways while your child was playing there, to avoid hurting them when they lay on the bed. Then straighten out the sheet and tuck in.
  3. Take a broom/ vacuum cleaner and sweep the room make sure to target under the bed where hidden toys maybe and trash.
  4. After dusting, dampen a napkin lightly and wipe the surface to remove dust that rose from the swept room and to decontaminate the rest of the room.
  5. Take out the dirt and the dirty clothes to be washed.

Getting your children to do their rooms as they grow is a plus as it teaches them about responsibility.

Doing chores can either be fun for children or a dreaded act for any child.
Model how it’s done to them when you do it. Don’t just tell them to arrange their rooms, let them know the “why’ behind the cleaning.

Make a rooster for them and make it fun for them like making them put up stickers they love on the walls afterwards.

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